• 2 out of 3

    Collier County elementary school students are economically needy,
    and 30%  of all Collier County children live at or below the poverty line.

  • Over 18,000 Pieces of Clothing

    were distributed to 22 Collier County elementary schools
    by Angels Undercover in 2015.

  • 100% of Donations

    go directly to providing clothing to deserving children.

  • Donate Today

    You can change the life of a child with a simple act of kindness.

Who We Are

A group of concerned individuals and businesses who have come together to help economically needy children arrive at school ready to learn by providing clothing.

What We Do

We promote education by providing clothing (underwear, socks and uniforms) to deserving students in the most affected elementary schools in Collier County, Florida .

Where We Do It

Collier County is home to 30 public elementary schools. Angels Undercover currently provides clothing to 22 elementary schools.

Our Mission

Angels Undercover of Collier County, Inc. promotes education by providing clothing (school uniforms) to those who would otherwise come to school inadequately dressed. By giving the children school clothing and undergarments, we help them arrive at school ready to learn.

Angel Blog

Keep up-to-date with our latest events, accomplishments and news worthy items.

2017 Back-to-School Clothing Delivery

During Its 8th Annual Clothing Drop, Angels Undercover Delivered School Uniforms, Happiness and Hope to Collier County Elementary School Students. On September 27, 2017, Angels Undercover delivered 22,000 school uniform shirts and shorts, as well as hoodies, to all Collier County public elementary schools during its annual back to school clothing delivery. As the boxes

Angels Undercover participates in NCEF's Meet the Kids Day 2017
Meet the Kids Day 2017

On January 27, 2017, Angels Undercover along with 37 other charitable organizations took part in Meet the Kids Day. The event was organized by The Naples Children & Education Foundation, which sponsors the Naples Winter Wine Festival and distributes the fundraiser’s proceeds through its grant program. To date in its 17 years, over $146 million

2016 Back-to-School Clothing Delivery

Angels Undercover Delivered School Uniforms and Happiness During Its 7th Annual Clothing Drop to Collier Elementary School Students On August 31, Angels Undercover delivered 22,000 school uniform shirts, shorts and hoodies to all 29 Collier County public elementary schools during its annual back to school clothing delivery. The culmination of the year’s fund raising activity,

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